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CHALLENGER C320, C380, C450, C520


10'6" long, 4HP max


12'6" long, 6HP max


14'9" long, 8HP max


17'1" long, 8HP long

Our series of inflatable canoes CHALLENGER was born and developed in Canada, an extension of and innovation on a symbol of Canadian identity. The avant-garde concept is creating a new facet in the canoe industry, as well as the inflatable boating industry, pioneering a more advanced and versatile canoeing lifestyle. GALA canoes CHALLENGER retain classic canoe features while incorporating contemporary materials and technology for an unbeatable alternative:
• They are UNSINKABLE and are significantly more STABLE . They not flip over, unless you want it to!
• They are LIGHT and COMPACT, fitting the car trunk. No need for strapping anything to the roof of a car!
• They PERFORM. Compatible with motors, enabling you reach your island or cottage doing up to 30 km/h!
• They are COMFORTABLE. Seating is situated higher and with lots of cockpit space around.
• They have remarkable carrying capacities! You will be impressed at how much gear you can take!
• They are piece of engineering artistry from GALA.
There are 4 models ranging from 320cm to 520 cm long, so you can choose the right one for you. With the GALA canoe the beauty of the nature is closer than ever and yours to explore! Try it out and enjoy!

5 reasons to choose GALA
Video Presentations
Discover Canada with GALA inflatable canoes CHALLENGER!
Top speed test for GALA Challenger C450 with 8HP motor: 28 km/h!!!
Driving and FISHING with GALA Challenger C450
GALA Challenger C450-C520 performance presentation and top speed test
GALA Challenger C320 - performance presentation


  • Soft curved VALMEX-PVC buoyancy tube with 4 chambers and rounded bow
  • High-pressure airdeck removable floor
  • Two large tube fins for tracking
  • Two bow water deflectors
  • Wide seats with sliding installation system: 1pc on A320, 2 pcs on A380 and A450 and 3 pcs on A520
  • Stainless steel towing bow eyes
  • Bow tube protectors
  • Two rear lifting handles
  • Lifeline all over the perimeter of the canoe 
  • Rubbing strake with splash guard
  • One-way drain valve with pull-up handle
  • High-efficiency foot pump
  • Envelope type carry bag
  • Repair kit and manual


  • Removable soft cushion
  • Fishing panel with 2 rod holders and fishfinder mount

  • 2 oars with oarlocks and holders
Models C320 C380 C450 C520
Length overall, ft/inches 10' 6'' 12' 6'' 14' 9'' 17' 1''
Width overall, ft/inches 3' 5'' 3' 5'' 3' 5'' 3' 5''
Tube diameter, inches 13'' 13'' 13'' 13''
Boat weight, lbs 44 59 75 92
Loading capacity, lbs 704 836 990 1210
Passengers capacity, persons 2 3 4 5
Number of compartments 4+1 4+1 4+1 4+1
Engine max, HP 4 6 8 8
Engine weight max, lbs 55 77 88 88
Engine shaft length 15"(short) 15"(short) 15"(short) 15"(short)

All technical data are subject to change without notice. The products details and specifications may be changed from specified herein. All the dimensions are + or - 3%. All the weights are + or - 10%

Tube and decor colours







Custom colors are available on special order. Ask for a quote and availability